Over the past decade Mr. Wilborn has studied many different modalities of spiritual practices to support him in serving others; His work as a life coach allows him to do private coaching, various group workshops and corporate events. His work as a motivational speaker; promoting courage, healing and freedom, has enabled him to connect with nearly a dozen sober-homes and non-for-profit organizations throughout California.

“I took Carlton’s advice, used some tools he gave me, and still continues to give me, and my life has turned around. I’m back on track, I got rid of the dead weight, focused on myself, and attracted a whole new group of
great friends. I got an incredible new job, and, so easily, was
back on the way to my own self.”

– Rick Floyd, Globally Respected Art Director


“Carlton has been an amazing gift to me. He has been coaching me for a while, now, and his commitment to my well-being and to me living
the life, that I truly desire keeps m e on point...always.”

 – Bete Agonafer, Owner of Venice in Venice


“Mr. Wilborn is very attentive, caring and truly inspiring to our younger generation of Americans; moving us from being, simply, the MTV Generation, to become the ones to change the world in this 21st Century. He is truly one of the nation's best inspirational life coaches and self-development teachers, always speaking to the human soul with his humility."

 – Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr. The New All-American Boy




The website LIVINGFRONTANDCENTER.COM is the go-to place, for all of his empowering services and merchandise (including t-shirts and ringtones).

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